Monochrome Wedding Portfolio

Monochrome Portfolio

Monochrome or Black and White photography has a long lasting association with documentary photography and wedding photography. Whether its press photography or general photojournalism black and white seems to evoke all senses and bring you closer to the subject. For that reason it’s widely used in weddings and in portraiture. No distracting colours get between you and the subject your viewing, hence why it was so popular in journalism, to tell a story. As much as we see the world in colour, monochrome has a calmly influence, a certain serenity and a classical look you don’t get with colour. There is no other medium that can truly portray the romance and emotion of a wedding better. Nothing else will evoke a greater response from the viewer in the context of a wedding. Capturing images in Black and White may seem no less different to Colour, but Black and White is more about directional light toward the subject and drawing a line of view to the subject. Easy to take for granted but an art in itself to capture in Camera.
As a wedding photographer a preference and a style of wedding photography which can cater for both colour and black&white is ideal, colour will almost always play some part in a wedding.

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