A Guide For Brides

The perfect wedding guide for Brides Couples to be, who are about to enter Wedlock 

An introduction into an educational series on weddings and wedding photography for Brides and Couples to be. 

Unless your a avid lover of photography / wedding photography you won’t have followed the work of a photographer over the years. You’ll be coming to this website and many others cold, looking for a photographer who will capture your dream wedding day. 

Teaching people to be wedding photographers at the moment seems fashionable even for people who just bought a camera. They now teach ! I guess they’re overwhelmed with confidence and convinced they are skilled enough to teach, even though some have never been commissioned  to capture a wedding. That in itself should send a shiver up or down your back whichever you prefer, as the unskilled teach the unskilled to capture one of the most important days of your Life. Rather than teach people who just bought a camera on how to become a wedding photographer in a fortnight. 

I began to think wouldn’t it be better to invest my time in you on some of the decisions you will make with regard to choosing your wedding photographer and some other wedding related tips that will help you along the way. As a bonus I will allay some myths about wedding photographers and recent camera owners in doing so I will endeavour to show you the difference. I will be sincere whilst also I promise to be as entertaining as possible and I will try my best not to bore you senseless along the way.  

What’s in it for me, freely educating you ? 

Firstly I’m asked questions all the time on various aspects of wedding photography and I’m also asked to give advice on all aspects of weddings in general, from hair and make-up to wedding venues to minor family issues surrounding the wedding day. So as a wedding photographer you gainer a great deal of experience in dealing with peoples needs, wants and desires. And you also get the opportunity to put people at ease and help make their day an enjoyable stress free experience, well at least you try. After all it’s one of the most important days of your life, so why should you settle for anything less. The less than obvious aspect that you may not have considered is choosing a photographer who is personable, connects with you, and one who captures the story and emotion of your wedding day. Of course it helps it they can take a decent picture or two.

Your not naive to think I’m doing this without purpose, your right. This is my first meeting with you, I’m discussing some of the aspects of your wedding and allaying some of your fears. My opinion and educational points are based on working in the wedding industry and as I have attended several weddings, I’m continually learning about people and weddings, I’m not an expert on either and neither is anyone else, this is life.

For you, this experience has given me insight that I am about to share with you.  

IF, it don’t come much simpler than IF, should have, would have, could have. 

A little knowledge will help you make a better decisions, that’s it, simple. Whether it’s me or someone else you hopefully will go away with a better understanding of what wedding photography is, what you should look for, what you really like and some basics of what you should look for and avoid. The objective is to help you make a rational decision based on facts supported by photographic evidence. You won’t be able to argue with the transparency, it will all be laid bare in front of you. This information is only valuable to you if wedding photography is important to you and your wedding. 

From the drop down menu above or the links placed on this page you can follow the various topics covered in my guide. 

The use of the word Apple and Orange is wholly for educational purposes only. Neither where eaten in the production of these educational articles to the best of my knowledge, actually the only fruit eaten was a mandarin. 

The first part of this series is going to cover styles of Photography or the photographers style, I’m going to keep it simple there’s only going to be two, I’m sorry to disappoint all the other fads “cough” styles but these have been around longer.

Your wedding photographer has style, “really” what style, which one is it and what’s the difference ?

First up will be “Contemporary Wedding Photography”  

Part One*  Contemporary Wedding Photography
Contemporary Wedding Photography – traditional – posed – lifestyle – creative – fashion – editorial.

Part Two*  Documentary Wedding Photography
Documentary Wedding Photography – reportage – photojournalistic – black and white photography – wedding photojournalism – in vogue style

Part Three*  Coming soon

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