Contemporary Wedding Photography

Part One – Contemporary Wedding Photography

Introduction to this guide for brides 
A light and easy to digest definite series on Styles of wedding photography and what they mean to you

Sub categorised names used to describe contemporary style photography

Contemporary – traditional – posed – creative – fashion – lifestyle  – editorial

To begin with photography is arguably an art form, it may not seem so with todays technology. The art is in the Person holding the camera, a camera on its own can’t see the light or create art or predict what’s about to happen. To a photographer a camera is an extension to their eye and how they see the world. As for styles of photography and in particular wedding photography technology has brought about an even greater extension to the eye and the vision of art. For some it means the resulting image is the effort of heavy postproduction, maybe they don’t have the skillet to capture in camera and post production is the only way they can salvage something from their efforts. Give someone a very nice camera but without an eye to see, some ability and timing it’s pretty useless in the context of something that’s as fluid as a Wedding. For and I’ll use the word deliberately Photographers it means a refined image in camera the result of the skillet they already had from analogue film photography.  

Creative, sometimes posed, mimicked fashion, lifestyle wedding photographer, editorial and traditional wedding photography.

Its a more deliberate approach to wedding photography which can involve pre planning of pictures, maybe even a venue visit with your photographer to share some ideas on what you’d like to form part of your wedding pictures. Unlike documentary wedding photography it’s controlled movement generally with your best interests at heart. The photographer wants and seeks out the best possible light and location for formal group photography. He or She will also advise on areas of interest at the wedding venue and the best times of day for taking pictures. In an effort to create mood with lighting, for example sunsets or timings that suit formals and incorporate your venue without people squinting in the camera in direct sunlight. As a client you are hiring this photographer for his or her understanding of light, posing abilities and personable people skills. That’s not to say a documentary wedding photographer has less people skills or ability. In fact documentary wedding photography is more demanding as you have no control over events as they unfold or lighting, hence it’s a skill in itself to position yourself in the right place at the right time.  

Contemporary wedding photography does not have to entail a completely posed approach, most photographers also shoot candidly documenting events as they unfold, what it means is you have a photographer who’s willing and able to get the best from a wedding in a style which you have given preference to. How much time you allocate to this is entirely upto you. And the amount of time will reflect in what you get. Specialised styled posed creative pictures take time to set up and light, just pretend your in a que at the bank, exciting isn’t it, when you finally get to the counter they give you money. So it was worth the wait.  The only difference being you’ll spend the money, the pictures you get to keep, the pictures are forever and you’ll wait for them only once.  

At this point I should show you what creative contemporary wedding photography looks like, I added creative as that’s my slant on contemporary wedding photography. I don’t want to be pigeonholed at a traditionalist and like the creative fun elements you can inject into a wedding
Contemporary Wedding Photography creative wedding photographer Contemporary Wedding Photography creative wedding photographer Contemporary Wedding Photography creative wedding photographer Contemporary Wedding Photography creative wedding photographer Contemporary Wedding Photography creative wedding photographer

Your K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid) Wedding Photographer  Joe

Coming up Part Two – Documentary Wedding Photography
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Documentary Wedding Photography

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